Waterproof Door

Welcome to Zander. We are India’s leading waterproof door manufacturers who consistently strive for high quality and innovation. Our doors are made from superior-quality materials that are sure to give robust performance throughout their span. Continuous research and development and applying the findings to our work have enabled Zander Waterproof Doors to attain incredible performance. Our doors are recognised and certified according to Indian Standards. Zander Waterproof Doors are designed to meet perfection and the growing requirements in the country for true waterproof doors. In a country like India that experiences heavy rains, winds, summers, and winters, these slam-proof and swell-proof doors provide much-needed security to your home. Coupled with immaculate strength and resistance to water and moisture, Zander Waterproof Doors are the worthiest investment for your home.

Technical Specification of Waterproof Door

TestsIS 2202 (Part 1) RequirementsObservation
Workmanship and FinishSatisfactorySatisfactory
Dimensions and Squareness TestLength and Width within a limit of 5 mm (+/-)Length = +/- 5 mm
Width = +/- 5 mm
Thickness within limit of 1 mm (+/-)Thickness = +/- 0.8 mm
Door Shutter shall not deviate by more than 1 mmWithin limit
General Flatness TestTwist, Cupping, and Warping not more than 6 mmWithin Limit
Local Planeness TestDepth of deviation not greater than 0.5 mmWithin Limit
Impact indentation TestNot more than 0.2 mm0.2 mm
Flexure TestResidual Deflection should not be more than 1/10th of Maximum deflectionWithin Limit
Deflection at max load should not be more than 1/30 of length and 1/15 of widthWithin Limit
Edge Loading TestDeflection of the edge at the maximum load should not be more than 5.0 mm3.24 mm
Residual deflection should not be more than 0.5 mmWithin Limit
Lateral buckling should not be more than 2 mm during loading0.34 mm
Shock ResistanceNo delamination should be observed due to light and heavy body impactNo Delamination
Buckling TestResidual deformation should not be more than 5.0 mm3.22 mm
Initial deflection should not be more than 50.0 mm22.50 mm
Slamming TestShall not have any visible damageNo Damage
Misuse TestThere shall not be any permanent deformationNo Deformation
End ImmersionThere shall be no delaminationNo Delamination
Knife TestExcellent or Minimum Pass StandardExcellent or Minimum Pass Standard
Glue Adhesion TestNo delamination shall occur in the glue lineNo Delamination
Screw Withdraw Resistance TestNot less than 1000 N1120 N